Prospective Applicants

This page is for prospective applicants interested in applying to Homerton (2023 entry and 2024 deferred entry).  

In preparation for the coming application round, the University has updated several areas of the Undergraduate Study | University of Cambridge website. Please refer to the site for the latest information and guidance on:  

  • Subject requirement documents: PDFs listing subject requirements by College for 2023 entry have now been finalised and are now available on each course page (under the Entry requirements tab). There is a combined document for all courses on the teachers’ area of the website.
  • Submitted work requirements: Submitted work requirements have been finalised on each course page (under the Entry requirements tab).
  • Typical entrant profiles – by tomorrow we’ll have added new information to each course page (under the Entry requirements tab) detailing the typical successful applicant profile for each course over 2017, 2018 and 2019. This will include information about typical A Level grade achievements and the subjects successful applicants have usually studied at A Level (advised by Sam Lucy and subject convenors).
  • Interview information – we’ve emailed about this previously, but please do let enquirers know that the interview format has been confirmed for 2022 (online for all but UK based applicants to Trinity College) and details can be found on the interview pages.
  • Admissions assessments – admission assessment registration deadlines and test dates have also now been confirmed and are available on the pre-registration pages of the website.
  • My Cambridge Application – information about the My Cambridge Application is now live on the website.
  • Parents’ and supporters’ webpage – later today we’re publishing a dedicated webpage for parents and supporters featuring the 2023 entry Parents’ Guide, our new Parents’ Film and some commonly asked questions.

Important changes to pre-registration required admissions assessment dates for 2022

Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing (CAAT) have made some changes to the registration deadlines and dates this year, for written assessments for which pre-registration is required. This impacts on those applying for Medicine (BMAT), Veterinary Medicine (NSAA), Computer Science (TMUA), Natural Sciences (NSAA), Engineering (ENGAA), Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology (NSAA) and Economics (TMUA). STEP and LNAT (which is administered by Pearson) are unaffected. 

All applicants for courses with a CAAT administered assessment must be registered by no later than 30 September 2022. Late registration will not be possible and may result in the application being invalid. Applicants should speak to their school or college to ask if they can administer the assessment. If this is not possible, there are a number of open centres around the world. Please make contact as soon as possible in case the preferred centre is full. 

The admissions assessments will take place earlier this year. BMAT and TMUA will take place on Tuesday 18 October 2022 and all other Cambridge admissions assessments (NSAA and ENGAA) will take place on Wednesday 19 October 2022. 

To find out more about admissions assessments see


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