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Freya Bark, BA in HIstory and Politics  

I’m in my third year of studying History and Politics at Homerton College, Cambridge and this year I’m writing a dissertation on the connections between Huey Long and Edwin Edwards, two corrupt yet incredibly successful Louisiana governors. I’ve always been fascinated by drawing connections between different periods of time, studying the developments and continuities and applying lessons from mistakes and successes of these eras to modern problems. I think it’s vital to continuously reflect as a society on the mistakes we have made and the improvements that should be enacted. Changemakers has been such a vital programme when it comes to making those assessments of myself and learning how to guide others to do the same. Being able to self-evaluate and develop only benefits others and I believe encourages the world around you to improve too

Harriet Clark

Harriet Clark, MPhil in Modern European History

I have just finished my Undergraduate Degree in History at Homerton and am returning this year for an MPhil in Modern European History with a thesis focusing on the British Imperial Protectorate of Sicily. I think that an understanding of history is crucial to making change as it provides past examples that can inform present decisions. I am fascinated by the power - and therefore the responsibility - of the historian in determining which knowledge is conveyed to the public and how this can then influence changes that are made. Changemakers has helped me to develop my understanding of decision making whilst learning from people from various disciplines and backgrounds that I may not necessarily encounter otherwise. Outside of my degree I play the trumpet and cox for the college boat club



Adriana De Persia Colón, PhD in Education (second year)

It's an honour to be a Homerton Changemakers Ambassador for a second year; I'm excited to continue collaborating with brilliant people. This academic year, I'll be in Puerto Rico conducting fieldwork on children's and young adult literature through arts-based methods. I hold an MA in English Education from the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, and am currently pursuing a PhD in Education from the University of Cambridge.



Arlette Doko, Recent Alumna

I see immense value in harnessing the knowledge provided by the study of psychology to enrich societies: improving the way that we think, work and interact with each other. I am particularly passionate about mental health and health psychology. Sustainability and environmentalism are also keen interests of mine. Now more than ever we need to find innovative solutions to the problems our world is facing. The Homerton Changemaker program has allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and develop the skills that I need to be an effective agent for change in this world.



Rosina Dorelli, Recent Alumna & Founder of Da Vinci Life-Skills

After 20 years of teaching I decided to study the PGCE at Homerton, with a vision to build a showcase, model school of the future. I have dedicated my life to making education more creative and inclusive. My aim is to help alleviate the growing mental health crisis, by supporting students to find and nurture their unique talents and potential. Da Vinci Life-Skills, like Homerton Changemakers, is helping prepare students with the essential skills for the 21st century. Purpose, self-esteem and a sense of belonging can enable everyone to make a difference to their community/planet, we all have a duty to do what we can to make the world a better place. I am honoured to be a Homerton Changemakers Ambassador, and I look forward to collaborating and promoting their excellent ambitions and projects.



Lixinhao Gao (Aurora), PhD in Education

As a first-year PhD student in Education who graduated from Cambridge with Best Dissertation Award in her MPhil, Aurora truly cherishes the academic and social opportunities she has been offered at Homerton. Coming from a Spanish major and Psychology minor background, she is looking for challenges and opportunities in the sphere of multilingualism. Personally, being a Homerton Changemaker ambassador is a great opportunity to further proceed her research exploration and personal development as a lifelong lover of languages. Apart from discovering more about herself and making friends with people from various backgrounds, she would be able to contribute to her MPhil college via her own strength. She always says: “wherever I go, Homerton is engraved as my hometown in my heart forever.”


Evelyn Gilbert-Bair

Evelyn Gilbert-Bair

I am a PhD student in Education and am researching adolescent freedom within higher education and careers. This interest grew out of my work as a US university admissions counsellor where I observed first-hand the confusion and distress many adolescents and their families experience when navigating the transition out of secondary school. But equally, I observed students who used the university application process to figure out who they are, what they want to do, and how to take their strongest next steps towards self-authentic, positive futures. It has been inspiring to see these students develop and I am committed to helping others undertake this kind of positive transformation. Changemakers shares in this mission, and I am excited to join forces as an ambassador.



Reyhannisa Haji, 2nd year Biology

I'm Reyhannisa. I'm a second year biological Natural Scientist. Science is always changing at there is always something new. I'm interested in genetically modified (GM) crops and how they can positively contribute to food security and the environment. I aim to be involved in policy making around GM crops to ensure that their full potential in making the world a better place is achieved properly. Homerton Changemakers is a great way to be introduced to the necessary skills needed to achieve my goal. As an ambassador, I hope to help others achieve their goals too.  


Andrea Komova

Andrea Komova, MPhil in Development Studies

My name is Andrea, I am pursuing MPhil in Development studies and for a long time, I am engaged in working with youth in Central Europe. I see a huge difference between mentoring young students and truly empowering them. Underlying power dynamics often (unconsciously) prevent us to create something more than just one-way relationships and to share knowledge and experiences on the basis of equals. In the near future, I hope to establish programmes that will go beyond mere mentoring and allow us to create truly valuable friendships across generations and professional areas. I am honoured to become a Homerton Changemakers Ambassador, as this programme epitomises the values I strive for, and I am already looking forward to everything we can achieve when working together!


Hardika Kukreja

Hardika Kukreja, LLM (Founder- Socio-Legal Forum)

I’m pursuing LLM at the University of Cambridge. Law is something that has always intrigued me because it is a tool for people to gain justice and it has always strengthened democracy. This is what assisted me in my pursuit to venture my career into legal studies. Since I was young, I used to read articles where noticeably there used to be publications of at least one activity of grave injustice against women; this is what led me towards the conduit of law. Women's Rights are something that I am passionate about. Homerton Changemakers for me is a way to learn from like-minded people where we can create a society where there is inclusion and equity. I am sure that through this platform I can polish my leadership skills and be a benefactor of women's rights as well as social justice.



Kenji Misawa, MPhil in Education 

After completing my BA in international development, I worked as a field worker for three years alleviating poverty in marginalized communities in Peru. I am currently studying in MPhil in Education (Psychology and Education), where my research interest lies in understanding the role of play in creating an educational environment where children can develop their social and emotional skills to become socially rounded citizens. The reason why I became an ambassador is that I believe Homerton Changemaker offers an amazing platform for me to further develop my leadership skill as well as creating an invaluable network with other peers.



Cornelius Palm , Recent Alumnus/ Founder of Happyr Health

As a University of Cambridge postgraduate alumni in Entrepreneurship and social entrepreneur, making change is close to my heart. Before co-founding Happyr Health, a social healthcare venture that supports teens in pain, I gained experience in strategy consulting at KPMG and in the leadership team of a high-growth start-up. I combine business expertise with experience from the health sector, from >5 years of working as a paramedic. Homerton Changemakers has inspired me with new systemic methods to tackle the major problems we face. I hope to support the practical implementation of those methods in my ambassador role.


Sandaleen 2022

Sandaleen Qaiser , Recent Alumna

I studied English Literature at Homerton, and am now pursuing creative writing. Throughout my university experience and beyond, I've had a wide variety of interests and a deeply held desire to understand and help affect societal change, especially in my community in Pakistan. The Changemakers programs have been invaluable in helping me pin down my strengths and reflect on where and how to best focus my energies, in a world that demands a scattering of our attention. I hope to encourage positive change through my creative pursuits, and being part of our community of changemakers is endlessly inspirational. 



Goncalo Araujo Regado, PhD in Theoretical Physics

I studied Natural Sciences followed by a masters in Mathematics at Homerton and I am now doing a PhD in Theoretical Physics in the field of quantum gravity. As much as I have a passion for understanding and solving difficult problems, I cannot but feel gratitude for the opportunities I have been provided since my childhood and for the people along the way who showed me where I could and should dare to look. Seeing how there are others around the world who systematically miss out on such fortuitous encounters gives me a strong ambition to create streams of opportunities that go against this flow and enable individuals to reach their potential. This is one such difficult problem that I would like to contribute towards solving and Changemakers is the perfect platform of collaborators and like-minded students devoted to making the world better than it was yesterday. 



Najib Sharifi, PhD in Chemistry

Besides being very passionate about science and academia, I have always been driven by the interests of my community, a persecuted and oppressed ethnic minority. The thought of contributing to a positive change, no matter how small, is what influences most of the key decisions I make. I not only learnt a lot from the changemakers programme but also met amazing and inspiring individuals that are passionate about solving the big problems. I want to join Changemakers as an ambassador so I can continue to work with like minded people and also develop myself further on how I can help persecuted communities like my own.



Dr Millicent Stone, Masters in Entrepreneurship 

If one recovers from an illness it’s not enough to survive one must thrive. I learnt that firsthand as I saw my own child survive cancer and then thrive. I am a Mother, Doctor, Entrepreneur, Author and Person. I have been lucky to work in renowned medical and academic Institutions across UK, Europe and North America enjoying a successful career in academia, public and private sector and more recently as CEO / Co Founder of iOWNA, digital healthcare startup. My goal is to enable people live longer, healthier lives. I believe Changemakers will be the key to unlocking that goal



Sarah Tucker, MPhil in Children's Literature (moving to a PhD programme)

I'm an award winning journalist and travel broadcaster, and best selling novelist, in her first year of an MPhil in children's literature hoping to continue to a PhD. I have been teaching vinyasa yoga for over eight years, in schools and colleges in SW London and have just completed the authorised biography of physician and psychologist and former Cambridge professor Edward de Bono, who's speciality was lateral thinking.



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