Retired Senior Members Association

A unique reflection of Homerton’s traditions and history

The Retired Senior Members Association is a quasi-autonomous College organisation that provides support for its members, publishes newsletters to keep distant members informed about current College developments and provides an active channel of communication.  Members living around Cambridge continue to take part in College life, meet in College on a regular basis and organise their own activities in and around the City.  In addition, the Association contributes to the future of the College in a variety of ways as need or inclination arises.

Membership of the RSMA is in the gift of the Principal. Invitations are made to academic staff on their retirement, and in addition, they can be offered to retiring senior non-academic staff who have made a significant contribution to College life.  Administrative support for the Association is provided by the College’s Development Office, linking former staff and former students of Homerton.  This close link is symbolically reflected in the date of the AGM of the RSMA, which is held on the same day as the annual Alumni reunion.

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Dr Libby Jared
Chair of the RSMA



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