Using study space

We have different kinds of study spaces to suit your needs.

Our study spaces

We offer different kinds of study spaces: large regular desks, height adjustable desks, study carrels, comfortable seating areas and bean bags. We ask that you put chairs back where they were if you’ve moved them.

Food and drink

You are welcome to bring hot or cold drinks into the Library as long as your cup has a lid. Please don’t bring in food or open drinks.

Mobile phones

The Library is a very open space and noise travels easily. Please be considerate of others who are trying to work – switch your phone to silent mode and take calls outside.

Lost personal items

We will remove personal property left in the Library and keep it aside until claimed for – we cannot guarantee that we will retain items longer than the end of the current term. Valuable items will be passed to the Porters’ Lodge at the end of the working day.

If you think you have left a personal item in the library, please ask at the Library front desk or email us at

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