History and Politics

Students seeking to understand the modern world from a broad range of perspectives, will find strong grounding and first class academic guidance in the History and Politics course

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A*AA at A-level; 40-42 points with 776 at Higher Level for the IB.
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History and Politics at Homerton

At Homerton, History and Politics students have a dedicated Director of Studies (DoS) who is also involved in the management of the degree and can provide the best support to face the challenges of the course. We offer also specific support for the core courses Evidence and Argument, and HP3. Homerton College Fellows in History and Politics have a close collaboration and share the teaching for the political thought courses, providing the students with a unique learning setting that offers the perspective of both faculties involved in the degree. Homerton aims to take around three or four students each year.

Hear from our students:

I could not ask for a better learning experience in History and Politics; every time I leave a supervision with the incredible supervisors who teach me, I am left with a renewed zeal, passion and enthusiasm for my subject as I see what I have learned everywhere in the world around me. From putting Gandhi's work in dialogue with Extinction Rebellion to applying the prism of gender to international conflict; I am constantly in awe as to how relevant, pertinent and impactful what I am learning is.


'Histpol at Homerton is also a very close knit subject; it's not a surprise given we are the friendliest college. I feel incredibly supported by my peers, including those in the years above (who are often very happy to share advice and more importantly- notes!), as well as my DoS and Tutor, who are always there for me whenever I need, no matter what it is. I went through a really hard time in the run up to exams, and I will never forget how much my DoS was there for me and prioritised, above all, my wellbeing. It's made all the difference- the academic rigour of Cambridge so much less daunting, and really allowed me to enjoy my degree, free from pressure.” - Zara Salaria


“When I started at Homerton, the History and Politics Tripos was brand new. We were the first cohort of Homerton undergraduates to tackle the “HisPol” joint honours, and naturally we ran into some difficulties as a result. Throughout my time here, however, I have seen the college and its staff work tirelessly to ensure that both the History and Politics components our degree join seamlessly together. During my final year, the college invested in a designated Director of Studies for our course. This has been a perfect addition to an already world-beating History/Politics staffroom, helping with logistics, organisation, and welfare to such an extent that I could not recommend this degree course at Homerton highly enough.” - James Roberts

At Cambridge

The History and Politics degree offers a wide variety of courses balancing a strong grounding in exploring the historical and political understanding of the modern world. You’ll be taught by some of the most eminent academics in the world in their subjects. Staff in the Faculty of History and in the Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) have a wide range of shared interests in political and international history, and the historical origins of contemporary domestic and international politics and political ideas. You will take four papers in each year and teaching is provided through lectures, classes and supervisions. There are also two core interdisciplinary papers taught in the first year, Evidence and Argument, and in the third year, Theory and Practice in History and Politics (HP3).

How To Apply

Applicants successful at interview usually receive the standard Cambridge conditional offer, requiring them to achieve A*AA in their A-levels. IB offers are usually for a total of 40-42 points, with 776 at Higher Level, with equivalent offers for applicants who are taking other examinations.

There is no pre- or at-interview assessment requirement for History and Politics. Applicants are asked to submit written work in advance of interview. Further information about the course can be found here.

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