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A*A*A at A-level; 40-42 points with 776 at Higher Level for the IB.
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Further Mathematics

Homerton is the third-largest College for Computer Science in Cambridge and teams up with nine other Colleges for supervisions, seminars, and talks so there are always people with similar interests around, even when you specialise in the final year. We also host some of the social and entertainment events at Christmas and after exams. The Homerton CompScis, or #HomScis, are a friendly bunch who learn about their field by having fun, exploring, getting their hands dirty, and laughing at their mistakes as they learn from them. It's a friendly and relaxed atmosphere yet with the Cambridge focus on striving for understanding the most complex ideas.

At Cambridge

Computer Science is a rapidly changing and exciting field where systems can develop from research ideas to global deployments in a matter of months. Cambridge has led the world with the BBC Model B and ARM in the hardware field to software, machine learning, graphics and novel user interfaces. The University of Cambridge Computer Science degree course is constantly updated to include cutting-edge topics; in the last few years quantum computing and bioinformatics have been introduced alongside existing coverage of emerging topics in machine learning and artificial intelligence, electronic security, and very high speed networking.

How To Apply

As with all subjects in Cambridge, admissions standards are set to seek out the best in the field, and a typical A-level offer for Computer Science here is A*A*A. Formally, admission to Cambridge is decided by a College, not by the department and the College is likely to interview an applicant before deciding whether or not to make an offer. A pre-interview written assessment is required. More details on the admissions process and application deadline are available on the main University website.

The primary qualifications we look for are in mathematics, since we find a strong correlation with mathematics performance and subsequent performance on our degree. Therefore A-level Mathematics is essential. Further Mathematics to AS or A-level is highly desirable. There is a considerable level of help for Further Mathematics to be found online; look at the webpages of the Mathematics faculty.

A-level Computing is not required for entry but some knowledge of procedural programming is useful. Ultimately the decision rests with the Director of Studies at your College. Note that A-level ICT and IT are more vocational in nature and are generally less desirable than a physical science at admission.

We accept students with a wide range of qualifications including the International Baccalaureate, Scottish Highers, and the Irish Leaving Certificate. We also accept qualifications from all around the world. Broadly speaking, we expect an equivalent standard to that achieved by our A-level candidates.

Hear from one of our students:

Overall, Homerton is just a very nice place to be with a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Computer Science at Homerton is a very strong subject. The supervisors are excellent and its partnerships with other colleges introduce you to a much wider peer group than you would otherwise be likely to meet. This makes your life much easier when trying to understand difficult concepts and helps to make Cambridge much less intimidating.” - Ben Ellis


Our graduates have continued in academic research in Cambridge and elsewhere, some have stepped into commercial research, many have gone into the software industry and into fintech, and a few are involved in startup companies.

Director of Studies

Other Teaching Staff

Dr Luana Bulat - Natural Language Processing  

Mr Ben Searle - business studies, start-ups, entrepreneurship  

Mr Geza Csenger - continuous maths, probability, analysis