Dr Karen Forbes


College position:

Director of Studies in Education (Year 1 Education, Policy and Int. Development and Year 1 & 2 Education, Psychology and Learning)

Dr Karen Forbes
Dr Karen Forbes

Karen is a Fellow at Homerton and a Director of Studies in Education with particular responsibility for students in their first and second years on the ‘Education, Psychology and Learning ‘track and the ‘Education, Policy and International Development’ track. She is also a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education where she teaches on a wide range of courses. She coordinates the first-year undergraduate paper in Language, Communication and Literacy and at Masters level she teaches on the Research in Second Language Education and coordinates the Research Methods training for some of the part-time MEd students.

She also supervises a number of doctoral students. Her current research interests include the development and transfer of language learning strategies, the teaching and learning of English as an additional language in UK schools, and topics related to multilingualism and identity. Between 2016-2020 she was a researcher on the Education strand of a large AHRC-funded project on multilingualism which explored the influence of multilingual identity on foreign language learning which led to the development of a series of free, research-informed resources for teachers (see wamcam.org).

Research Interests

Language learning strategies

English as an additional language in schools


Multilingual identity and foreign language learning

School language education

Teaching And Professional Interests

Education Tripos (Part 1A Language, Communication and Literacies paper coordinator and Part II Research and Investigation project supervisor)

PGCE in Modern Languages

MPhil/MEd Research in Second Language Education

MPhil/MEd Education Research Methods

PhD/EdD supervision

Links to online publications, articles or other work

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