Dr Joanna Stasiak


College position:

Director of Studies for Chemical Engineering

Dr Joanna Stasiak
Dr Joanna Stasiak

Dr Joanna Stasiak studied Chemical Engineering in Lodz University of Technology in Poland where she graduated with a PhD in 2001 and then worked as an Assistant Lecturer. Her research interest at the time involved mass transfer in supercritical fluids. Before coming to the UK she has also worked in industry for five years as an Environmental Engineer being involved in commissioning new installations for power plants i.e. desulphurisation of exhaust gasses, water purification for boilers or landfill biogas combustion installations.

Since 2008 she has been working in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge as postdoctoral researcher, promoted to Senior Research Associate in 2016.

Her research is focused on studying microstructure of block copolymer composites and their structure related properties. In 2019 she has been appointed to Senior Teaching Associate position to carry on teaching in CEB (part time) while continuing research. Currently she works on development of a polymeric heart valve prostheses for surgical and transcatheter application including, design of the device, manufacturing and in-vitro testing of the prototypes.

She has been a PI and Co-Investigatior in a number of research projects:

2019-2020 – SBRI NHS – “Polymeric Transcatheter Heart Valve Prosthesis for aortic implantation” £100K, Co-I

2015–2018 BHF Special Project Grant “Polymeric Prosthetic Heart Valve from anisotropic nanocomposites – device optimisation and in-vivo testing”, £790K, Co-I

2016 – Diamond Light Source study “SAXS study of skin-core structure formation during in-situ injection moulding of cylinder forming styrenic block copolymers”, Co-I

2015 – Soleil Synchrotron study “The influence of processing conditions on the bi-modal microstructure formation in block copolymer elastomers with cylindrical morphology”, PI

2012–2014 – Diamond Light Source study “Real time SAXS study of polymeric materials during fast cyclical deformation for application to prosthetic heart valves” Co-I

2011 – Diamond Light Source study “Time resolved SAXS study of extensional deformation of polymeric materials for application to prosthetic heart valves”, Co-I

Research Interests

Polymer processing, injection moulding of block copolymer composites

Development and testing of a polymeric heart valve prostheses

Microstructure characterisation using X-ray diffraction techniques

Microstructured materials and their structure related properties

Engineering materials’ microstructure for particular applications

Effect of microstructure and materials processing on durability

Supercritical fluids for drying and oxidation

Teaching And Professional Interests


Examiner (Part I B) 2019

Director of Study for Chemical Engineering, Homerton College, University of Cambridge, since 1st Sep 2016

Lecturing: Fluids Mechanics

Setting, demonstrating and marking exercises: Fluids Mechanics, Process Dynamics and Control, Process Calculations, Separations

Supervisions: Structures, Radiation Heat Transfer, Fluids Mechanics

Co-supervising Part II B’s and MPhil’s research projects.

Professional Interests

Synchrotron facilities (Diamond, Soleil, ESRF), familiar with software for synchrotron data processing (Dawn, Foxtrot, SAXS), data reduction, visualisation and interpretation

Operating of a range of laboratory scientific equipment like: Bruker X-ray diffractometers, BOY Injection moulders, TE Electroforce Heart Valve Durability Tester, Mock Pulse Duplicator, Particle Image Velocimetry, Texture Analyser, Cambridge Multi-Pass Rheometer, Ares Rheometer, Bohlin Rheometer, Linkam, AFM microscope, Morphology Microscope, Laser Particle Sizer, MakerBot and FormLab 3D printers and many other smaller appliances.

Safety consciousness, familiar with lab regulations and chemical handling

Providing a research support for PhD students and undergraduate students

Developing research papers for publications

Preparing grant applications

Links to online publications, articles or other work
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Family Name: Pruba


2014 - EP3110463 A1, Heart valve

2018 - UK Patent Application 19027.6  Heart valve -pending