Student accommodation

The College is normally able to provide accommodation to all students for the duration of their undergraduate degree and offers real value for money.

During your time at Homerton, you will be housed in one of the accommodation blocks situated on our spacious Hills Road site. The College usually offers students accommodation for the duration of their undergraduate degree, and when compared to other Colleges, offers real value for money.  Most students tend to live in College, but some do decide to live in private accommodation for part of their undergraduate degree.


What are the rooms in Homerton College like?

The rooms in College are fully furnished and come with lots of storage so you can bring everything you need. Some rooms have older and more traditional features, like those located in the Cavendish building. Most rooms however are modern and up to date, like those in West House (the first-year accommodation block). Some of the older rooms have been renovated and now have en-suite bathrooms and new furniture.

Each room is furnished with a:

  • desk
  • desk chair
  • bedside table
  • bookshelf
  • full set of bedding

Most of Homerton’s accommodation is en-suite, however, there is the option to be housed in accommodation with shared bathrooms, which is priced accordingly. You will also have access to a shared kitchen, where you can make snacks and meals. The kitchen is usually shared with around eight other students and is equipped with:

  • lockable kitchen cupboards
  • four-ring, electric hob
  • kettle
  • toaster
  • microwave
  • fridge


What is included in the rent? 

All utilities are included in the rent, including WiFi, water and electricity. Each week your room will be cleaned by one of our cleaning staff. The kitchens are cleaned regularly too. A linen service is included in the rent should you want sheets and towels to be washed each week. Some students choose to have their own bedding and towels to bring a personal touch to their rooms.

Your rent also includes use of a wide range of facilities, including the College gym, sports fields and library. You only have to pay rent for the time you are actually living here, which for most students is the eight week Cambridge term. It is possible to stay on during the vacation and there are a number of schemes available that can help with the cost of rent during these periods.


Private accommodation 

There is the option to privately rent in Cambridge. The University has its own accommodation service, which you can sign up for and apply to rent some of their listed properties. Undergraduate students tend to be placed near the bottom in terms of priority because of the accommodation offered directly by the colleges. There are also a number of private letting agencies that specialise in helping students find accommodation.

Facilities on site

Homerton College Library

Homerton College Library

New Developments at Homerton

New Developments at Homerton