Rishit Jain

By Laura Kenworthy 2min read
Rishit Jain

If you found selecting your UCAS options hard, spare a thought for Rishit Jain. After growing up in first Hong Kong and then India, attending international schools, Rishit had a global pool of universities to choose from.

“I was applying to universities across the world, strongly considering Hong Kong and the US, but was very excited to come to Cambridge.”

While studying Economics, Rishit has worked as an analyst with Creator Fund, Europe’s leading investor in university start-ups, while also taking forward a social enterprise he developed while still in secondary school. REUSE Orbis provides finance to student entrepreneurs, while supporting initiatives to repurpose electronic waste.

In tandem with this, Rishit found time to co-found Unicast Entertainment, a media start-up connecting a network of student societies with those at the top of their industry. Unicast has hosted interviews with JP Morgan’s Chief Global Strategist and Canada Post’s Chief Operating Officer, among others, and has brought together 23 universities across nine countries.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Rishit was also President of the University Consulting Society in his final year, and has a job offer from global management consultants BCG. The decision to choose Cambridge appears to have paid off.

“Cambridge offers so many opportunities to get involved. Homerton in particular has a community that’s really powerful. It’s a perfect mix of a community that’s very social, but also very ambitious and work-driven. You’ll always bump into a Homertonian on a night out, but also, whenever you get involved in a society or project, you’ll find there are Homertonians running it.”

The mention of the night out is something of a relief, as a quick glance at Rishit’s CV doesn’t suggest that his student life has left much room for downtime. But he claims it’s all a question of time management.

“That’s the other great thing about Cambridge. Everyone’s using every minute well.”