Cambridge Wireless Techsters Programme

By do332 1min read

CW Techsters Programme

We were delighted to partner with Cambridge Wireless in supporting their CW Techsters programme which equips the young generation with future digital skills. Selected students had to take online modules on various technology topics and then participated in a two-day Bootcamp working with industry and mentors to try and solve a real world problem.

This is what our student Akaash Thao (3rd Year Engineering) has to say about the programme,

The CWTechsters programme has so far been an eye-opening experience, with detailed training sessions on 5G technology and its applications and limitations. It has also been a great opportunity to network and meet others with similar technical interests. I am looking forward to the final stage of the programme, in which we apply our knowledge as a team and formulate some ideas to address a real-world problem.”