GameChangers: Regenerative Leadership Programme January-June 2023

For people ready to make a difference in the world

9:30, 21 January 2023 - 17:30, 6 June 2023
WIth the Eden Project, Intrinsic Labs, and Homerton Changemakers

'Regenerative leadership is a way of leading that creates life-affirming conditions' Laura Storm & Giles Hutchins


So, we know things are not working very well right now. And yet the world is full of clever, capable and decent people. How are you going to influence systems? How will you make small and large change? How will you direct your precious energy and humanity to things that matter? What is it that matters most to you? And how will you become someone who is part of the transformation for good?

We don't need business as usual greener and fairer: we need different business, different ways of doing things. Combining old wisdom with the latest innovation; of working and influencing and leading in ways that are life-affirming, across every level (people, eco-systems, cultures, governments). This is a huge task, but there are ways to do it. Regenerative leadership offers one set of tools and perspectives that will help us make the transition. 

Leadership doesn't mean corporate climbing or becoming a CEO. It means knowing something of your deep motivations and your power. It means having serious tools in your kit for getting things done, including relationship building, influence, knowing where levers of change really are; and it means having a large-minded perspective, including regenerative design principles, a practical long-term view, thinking cleverly about the future, and allowing yourself to become more connected with others and the world around you, even if that is challenging. 

The GameChangers programme works in these three areas  - yourself, tools and system-change -  to hone your capacity for substantive regenerative leadership, in any field. It offers an immersive & challenging experience, led by people who are demonstrably committed to changing their part of the world, and is an invitation to learn to create better futures. 

[For more on Regenerative Leadership see Laura Storm and Giles Hutchin's article in The Nature of Business]

Applications are now closed for 2023



Strand I Intrinsic motivation (Jan/Feb): direction, purpose, habits, where and how to place energy and attention, being well with ourselves

Strand II High level tools to get things done (Mar/Apr): influence & persuasion, deep listening, dialogue across profound difference, relationship building, taking action

Strand III Regenerative principles and design (May/June): futures literacy, leadership models (weaving, co-creation, authentic, networked), regenerative design principles, immersion in a case study (The Eden Project)


  • 3 residentials (21-22 January; 24 April; and 3 days at the Eden Project, Cornwall, during the week of 26 June)
  • 3 dinner seminars (Feb, April, May)
  • pre-sessional reading and short self-reflection; a peer-coaching circle; and a final self-reflection exercise

All sessions will be at Homerton except for the Eden Project residential (download the full schedule from this page).



  • GameChangers is open to Homerton undergraduates, grad students and recent graduates (<5 yrs)
  • Places are strictly limited and awarded by application
  • As GameChangers is relationally-based participants are asked to commit to attending all programme sessions
  • Alongside structured sessions, reading lists, prompts for thinking and self-led exercises will support your journey through a programme that draws on substantial academic and professional experience. Please note, however, that GameChangers is not only academic - it asks you to explore other ways of learning and experiencing. Many sessions will be experiential, relational and reflective, with minimal powerpoint or lecturing. Our time in Cornwall will mostly be outdoors - in woodlands & on the coast - and the biomes of the Eden Project. The field trip will require capacity for walking in wilderness and steep coastal paths.
  • An application to the programme means you agree, to the best of your ability, to attend all programme sessions. If - due to illness, family emergency etc - you are not able to attend a session please contact the programme convenor Dr Alison Wood as soon as possible. 90% attendance is required to earn a certificate of completion.
  • All costs for the programme will be covered by Changemakers, including travel to and accommodation at The Eden Project.
  • GameChangers will run annually from 2023


GameChangers is proudly supported by the Toucan Project, under the wing of the Saïd Foundation.


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