The entry requirements

We read every application and interview the vast majority of applicants. Remember that we take a holistic approach when considering applications, and there are many different ways that you can show your potential and suitability.  However, broadly speaking, we need you to meet the following conditions:

1. You should meet the subject-specific requirements of the University. On the University website, you can find the requirements for different subjects and qualifications. Homerton does not have any further requirements beyond those typical of the University. 

2. You should meet, or be predicted to meet our standard conditional offer:

  • For A-levels, this is A*A*A for scientific subjects (Maths, Natural Sciences, Computer Sciences, Engineering, Medicine and Economics)  and A*AA for Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences subjects.
  • For the International Baccalaureate, this will range between 40 and 42 points on the diploma, with 776 or 777 in Higher Level subjects.
  • For other qualifications, you will be expected to meet an equivalent standard (which can be found on the University webpages)

Meeting these conditions does not guarantee you an interview, but gives your application a solid foundation.

We know that every applicant's educational history is different, and in your application, you will have the chance to tell us if there are reasons that you do not quite meet the requirements. We do not automatically reject any application without further examination. 

Remember, we are looking for students that have the commitment to succeed not only in their studies but in becoming well-rounded individuals with the capability and passion to make a positive change to society.


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