Tutorial FAQ

Letter/Transcript requests

Q. I need a letter to confirm I am a student, where can I get one?


If you require a letter confirming your student status for bank, travel or other purposes please complete the online student status request form or complete a hard copy of the form which is available from the Tutorial Office. We will endeavour to process your request within two working days. Letters will be available for collection from your pigeonhole.

Q. I need a council tax exemption certificate, where can I get one?


The names and addresses of all full-time students living in private accommodation will be sent to the Council they no longer require an exemption certificate.  Please ensure your term time address is updated on CamSIS (Self-Service) as this where we take data for the Council's list. 


Q. I need a copy of my academic record/transcript, where can I get one?


If you require a academic record/transcript, please complete the online college transcripts request form or complete a hard copy of the form which is available from the Tutorial Office. 

Student record

Q. I have moved, who do I need to give my new address to?


Please update your record via CamSIS Self-Service, and inform your faculty/department if advised to. 

Q. Is it possible to change Tripos?


Students wishing to change Tripos should normally have a good 2.1 in a full Tripos (part 1 or part 1A) before transferring to a different Tripos. You should consult your Tutor and Director of Studies for your current and prospective Tripos. Each application will be considered by the Educational Policy Committee in July. The Tutorial Office will email students with the application form during the Lent term.

Q. I am on the HSPS Tripos, and would like to change track, what should I do?


Please liaise with your DoS in the first instance. If the change is agreed by your DoS and Department, you must also inform the Tutorial Office to ensure that your records are updated.

Q. I am thinking of intermitting, what should I do?


It is important to speak with your College Tutor in the first instance. If you decide to go ahead, you will need to meet with the Senior Tutor who will submit your application to the University Application Committee.

Management Studies Tripos

Q. What is the Management Studies Tripos?


The Management Studies Tripos is a one-year course that can be taken only by students who have already completed two or in some cases three, years of another Tripos at the University of Cambridge. It is not possible to take the Management Studies Tripos immediately on entry to Cambridge (i.e. in your first year).

Q. How do I apply?


Applications are made via the Tutorial Office towards the end of the Lent term and offers are normally made by the Judge Business School in June. The Tutorial Office will contact all second and third year undergraduate students with full details in February.

Q. Where can I find out more?


Further details are available on the Judge Business School website. The MST Programme Administrator Bella Stewart is also available to answer any questions you may have about the programme.

International Students

Q. I am on a Tier 4 Visa, do I need to do anything?


If you are on a Tier 4 Visa, you are required to sign in at the Tutorial Office (contact point) within 7 days of the start of full term. The Tutorial Office will remind you when this is due.

Q. My Tier 4 Visa is about to expire, what do I do?


Please contact the International Student Office, details can be found here.


Q. Where can I get my exam timetable?


Please see the examinations page for any exam queries.

Keeping nights

Q. Can I go away for the weekend or in the week during term time?


Please see our important dates page for information about keeping full term.

University card

Q. My university card has been lost or stolen, what do I do?


A £15 charge is made for a lost card. A crime number from the police will be required for the fee to be waived for a stolen card. Please come to the Tutorial Office to request a new card, and to be issued with a temporary card in the meantime.  

Q. My university card has stopped working, what should I do?


Hold your card up to the reader for the IT Department or College Library, as these are the main reset points. If your card still does not work, please come to the Tutorial Office to order a replacement card, and to be issued with a temporary card in the meantime.

Student information A-Z

Academic Requirements: Examinations and Meeting Required Academic Standards

The College expects students to be diligent and conscientious in their academic work. A student who has failed to pass an examination or who has failed to achieve the honours standard in a University Tripos examination will not be allowed to remain a member of the College and will be required to leave the University. Where there are mitigating circumstances an appeal can be made to the Applications Committee of the University (See Examination Appeals: http://www.admin.cam.ac.uk/students/studentregistry/exams/undergraduate/exams.html), or in the case of a Preliminary examination an appeal can be made to College Council. It is a requirement of College Council that all students must pass an examination before transferring from one academic year to the next. For more detailed information about examination appeals talk to your Tutor and ask for the College guidance notes on appeals.


Academic Support: Academic & Life Skills Support Programmes

The College is dedicated to supporting your academic needs and enhancing your academic skills throughout your time at Homerton and Cambridge. Most Faculties run their own study skills courses, ask your Director of Studies for details.

One-to-one support is available for any student who requires assistance with writing skills, maths support or time management and personal organisation. You should speak to your Director of Studies (DoS) or your Tutor in the first instance before getting in touch with one of the advisors.


Academic Support: Transkills

If you would like help with writing, note-taking, time management, maths exercises or many other study skills you can search the Transkills undergraduate Skills Directory at www.skills.cam.ac.uk. Put in your year and subject and you can find all the relevant Cambridge resources including those from your Faculty, CUSU and Cambridge On-line Study Skills (COSS).


Address and Name Changes

It is important that the College maintains an up-to-date register of all student addresses. It is your responsibility to ensure that your address is accurate on CamSIS. If you get married or change your name, a copy of your marriage certificate with your new married name, or a copy of the Deed Poll letter, should be given to the Tutorial & Admissions Office as early as possible.



Homerton Alumni

Being a Homertonian does not end when you leave the College. After leaving, you join a global community of Homerton alumni. The alumni membership fee is included in your registration fee paid when you first start your course, so that when you leave the College, you automatically become a lifelong member of Homerton. 

The main purpose of the Development Office is to provide alumni with a permanent link between the College and its former members. The main objectives are:

  1. To maintain contact between alumni and the College.
  2. To promote social and educational events on a regular basis and to promote regional alumni groups who organise events and gatherings.
  3. To provide members with a communication and information network, both on paper and electronically, that will inform members of news from the College, help to promote events and provide networking opportunities for former members.
  4. To maintain a database of names and addresses, jointly held with the University of Cambridge Development Office, of all life members of Homerton who have agreed that such information should be held on record.

Alumni Events

The Development Office organises a variety of events for Homerton alumni throughout the year, including:

  •  A Leavers’ dinner at the end of the spring half-term to which all former undergraduate, PGCE and higher degree students leaving in the previous 12 months are invited.
  • Regional wine bar drinks events.
  • The Annual Reunion Weekend held at the end of September (at the same time as the University’s Alumni Festival), which includes a Charter Choir performance, Dinner and an opportunity to stay over in College.
  • Your MA Graduation and lunch, six years and one term after your matriculation.

 There are two alumni publications each year:

  • The Homertonian is published annually in July and features College news, interviews with alumni and current students and provides updates on how the College is developing.
  • The Annual Review is the formal record of College life at Homerton, which also features news and updates from our worldwide community of alumni. 

Both publications appear on the College website.

Branch activities

There are a number of branches across the country where former students get together. These include branches in London, Oxford, Newcastle, Wessex and the US and China. The operation of all of the Branches is independent of the College. Details of contacts are given in the Homertonian each year, and are available on the Homerton website.

Alumni Benefits

As a lifelong member of Homerton you are entitled to a number of benefits. You are most welcome to visit the College and use the Library (reference only), Dining Hall, Buttery and Bar. You can also book overnight accommodation at reduced alumni rates. Visit the College website for details.

Other Benefits

We share our database with the University; you will automatically be added to the University of Cambridge alumni list, which provides you with a CAMCard and the CAM magazine. You can take advantage of great deals at a growing number of Cambridge venues and retailers with your CAMCard.  You will also receive automatic membership to the University Centre and free entrance into most of the Cambridge Colleges.

All Cambridge alumni can join the free cantab.net email service. For further information see www.alumni.cam.ac.uk/benefits/email-for-life.

Further Information

More information on alumni benefits and events are available on the College website: www.homerton.cam.ac.uk/alumni.  

Further information regarding the Cambridge University Development Office, their activities and contact details, can be found on their website: www.alumni.cam.ac.uk.  

If you have not connected with us already, you can find a lively and active online community waiting for you on social media. You can follow us on Twitter (@HomertonCollege) and ‘like’ us on Facebook (@HomertonCollegeCambridge). We are also on Instagram (@homertoncollege).    


Appropriate Attire

The College understands that this is, essentially, a student’s home during the academic year. However, we would ask that you follow a couple of guidelines to help with the smooth running of College life:

  • For health and safety reasons, you must ensure that you wear shoes throughout the College site, including inside buildings, and especially in catering areas. Please be advised that you will be asked to leave the library, buttery and hall if you enter bare foot.
  • It is requested that students are fully dressed when in communal areas of the College, and not in nightwear (i.e. pyjamas etc.).
  • During warmer months, if you wish to sunbathe, please do so discretely away from the working areas of the College, out of sight of visitors and the College offices.


For informal barbecues, only small take-away barbecues should be used. Please inform the Porters that you are having a barbecue and if they let you, use the designated area that the Porters tell you to hold your barbecue, this is for health and safety reasons. Please ensure that all litter is removed (use the metal litter bins provided), and minimize noise levels after 11pm. For anything on a larger scale than this, you should seek permission from the Senior Tutor. The College staff will then assess the health and safety needs prior to agreeing that the event may take place.

Student Barbecue Policy and Booking Form



The use of a bicycle is normal practice in Cambridge for students and staff alike. A good second-hand bicycle can be purchased for between £60-£100 and will always beat the traffic and more often than not beat the bus as well. Cycling is a good source of exercise and is environmentally friendly.

Students who bring a bicycle to Cambridge for the first time should fill in the police identification form and return the form to Porters' Lodge immediately. It is essential that bicycles are always locked in the cycle racks, and registered with the Head Porter who will put a student identification number on the bicycle. If you follow this procedure your bicycle should be safe. But BE WARNED: over 300 bicycles a month are stolen from Cambridge in the first few months of each academic year.

The College does not accept any liability for loss or damage to student cycles left in the racks. Bicycles must be locked in the recognised areas where there are racks. Bicycles chained to Fire Escapes or left anywhere outside the cycle racks will be cut free and impounded by the Porters, and students will have to pay £15 to reclaim their bike.  Students may leave their bicycles locked in the designated cycle racks over the vacation periods on condition that they are numbered and registered with the Porters.

Bicycles and Safety

Students should ensure they have basic safety gear such as reflective clothing, a helmet and lights when cycling. It is an offence to cycle on any public road without lights; further information is available from the Highway Code section on cyclists - http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/TravelAndTransport/Highwaycode/DG_069837.

 Cycles, skateboards, scooters, and roller blades are not allowed in the inner precincts of College nor on any of the footpaths.

Bike Cull

During the summer vacation (main Bike Cull) and throughout the year, Porters will place notices on any bicycles not registered, look abandoned or are in a state of disrepair.

  • Bikes that appear to be abandoned or in disrepair could have several issues e.g.
  • Flat tyres, rusted & seized chains, broken brake & cables, damaged gears or missing wheels etc. It is also obvious when a bike hasn’t moved for a considerable amount of time and looks much neglected.
  • Enough time will be given for students to respond to notices and claim their bike (term-time). Any bicycles that have been removed by the specified date are assumed to be abandoned. Any abandoned bicycles are given to a local charity for refurbishment and resale (OWL Bikes – Papworth Trust).
  • The College does not accept any liability for cycles that have been abandoned, or handed over to a local charity and resold.
  • Bike culling will not take place during exam period to avoid disturbing or distracting students.


The University has a centralised dedicated student record system known as CamSIS which is used for validating your personal information, processing your examination entries, and producing University Transcripts at the end of a student’s course. CamSIS is used by most Faculties and Departments, as well as the main University Offices. CamSIS can be accessed using your CRS ID and Raven password at the following website: www.camsis.cam.ac.uk.


Complaints Procedure

The Student Complaints Procedure is available here: https://www.homerton.cam.ac.uk/node/24876.


Cars, Parking, Motorbikes & Public Transport

Because of severe traffic and parking problems in Cambridge it is a Regulation of the University, agreed with the City Council, that students are not allowed to keep a car or motorcycle in Cambridge unless they have written permission in the form of a University Motor Proctor’s Licence. Undergraduate students are not permitted to have a car in Cambridge. If you wish to have a car, you must request official permission from the College Dean and only after receiving written permission can you request the necessary application forms from the Tutorial & Admissions Office.

Students who keep a car without a Proctor’s Licence in Cambridge will be subject to a fine and run the risk of being sent down if the car is not removed.

There are excellent transport facilities available to students in Cambridge. Regular bus services run from the bus stop in front of the Porters’ Lodge. Cambridge railway station is only a few streets away. Timetables for all local public transport services can be found at the Porters’ Lodge.

PGCE Parking

 Special arrangements apply for those students who are following a PGCE course:

  • Parking space at Homerton College is strictly limited and only those who fulfil the following criteria will be granted a parking permit: dependent children, family responsibilities, physical disability, certified medical condition or college resident. Please note, a permit allows you to park onsite but does not guarantee that there will be a parking space. Students’ resident elsewhere in Cambridge will not normally be granted a College Parking permit.
  • It is a Regulation of the University, agreed with the City Council, that students of the University are not allowed to keep a car in Cambridge unless they have written permission in the form of a University Motor Proctor’s Licence. Students that will be Cambridge residents will need to apply for a Motor Proctor’s Licence via the PGCE/MEd Administrator in August. Students who keep a car in Cambridge without a Motor Proctor’s Licence will be subject to a fine of £50. Wheel clamps and a fine of £50 apply to unauthorised parking on the Homerton site.
  • An application form for a Homerton Parking permit and details of how to apply for a Motor Proctor’s Licence are made available via the Homerton website in August. To apply for a College Parking Permit you will need to return the Parking Permit Application form complete with a written request addressed to the College Dean, Professor Richard Hickman, stating clearly your reason for wishing to bring a car onto site. In the case of a medical condition or physical disability, you should provide medical evidence or a statement of such need.


Parking spaces at Homerton are strictly limited. A Homerton Parking Permit does not guarantee a parking space, and there may be occasions when you will need to park elsewhere. The Proctor’s Licence and/or Homerton Parking Permit must be clearly displayed on the windscreen. Owners of cars parked without the relevant permits will be subject to a fine imposed by the Dean. Students with Parking Permits must park in the Visitor’s car park at the end of Harrison Drive. Students must follow the instructions of the Head Porter at all times.



Your Tutor and Director of Studies can give limited advice on careers, but the University has an excellent Careers Service and website: www.careers.cam.ac.uk. It is recommended that you register with the Careers Services as soon as possible – it is available to you for the rest of your life. 


Catering & formal hall

Homerton College provides dining facilities in the Hall and sandwiches and snack items in the Buttery.  There are also vending machine facilities within easy reach of student rooms, providing crisps, confectionery and hot and cold drinks.

Please refer to Nexus for full opening times: https://nexus.homerton.cam.ac.uk/catering/opening-times.

The catering team pride themselves on providing clearly labelled options such as gluten free or dairy free, and are also always happy to discuss a student’s individual dietary needs.


Epos Card Payment System

Homerton operates an EPOS card payment system for food purchased in the dining hall or buttery. The EPOS card system works on your University ID card, which you should carry with you at all times. Using your EPOS card entitles you to purchase food at the student discounted price.  As of 20/21 there will be no Minimum Meal Commitment or MMC or Kitchen Fixed Charge (KFC) so you will need to transfer money online to your EPOS card.   You may wish to load credit on your EPOS cards at the start of each term as well as topping it up throughout the term. Your EPOS card can be topped up via UPAY using your debit or credit card. Your unique username on UPAY will be your University of Cambridge email address together with a password. You can check your account at any time by logging on to UPAY, ask for mini statements, or you can make regular monthly top-ups. For example you can set up an arrangement on UPAY to automatically top-up with £20 when your balance reaches £1.50.

You can also pay for any meals by contactless card, but you will lose out on the discount for EPOS; please see the Finance Office to discuss this. The EPOS card will give you discounts in other areas such as the Porters’ Lodge and College Buttery.


Formal Hall

 Formal Halls are special dinners that are held in the Great Hall every Tuesday during Full-Term and some Fridays for Graduate-only Formals. Formal Halls are waiter service of a three-course meal by candlelight; students dress smartly and Fellows wear academic gowns (students are not required to wear academic gowns to the Formal Halls, but may do so if they wish).


Booking Procedure

Tickets can be purchased in advance by using your EPOS account via Upay (www.upay.co.uk) Formal Halls are a good opportunity to entertain friends from other Colleges, as well as to get together with students, staff and Fellows of the College.

Bookings must be made by 2pm on the Friday before the Formal Hall. Etiquette Guidelines can be found on Nexus.

All student bookings for Formal Hall at Homerton College are managed on the Upay website. This is the same site you can use to top-up your College EPOS account and view and track transactions that you have made within College on your card.


Common Rooms

There are two common rooms for students, providing a comfortable social centre. The Junior Common Room (JCR) is for all undergraduate students and is situated in the Griffin Bar. The Middle Common Room (MCR) is for Graduate students and is in Morley House. PGCE students are members of both the JCR and MCR.



While you are in residence you will become aware that you sometimes share College facilities with conference guests. The College is a charity that raises money to support education and research; the money raised by conferences reduces the charges for student accommodation and meals. It also contributes towards building maintenance and the long-term educational mission of the College and its upkeep. A student bed for a night at Homerton will cost you from £15, but conference guests can pay up to £65 + VAT for the same privilege and pay restaurant prices for their meals. The conference market in Cambridge is very competitive, but Homerton has a reputation as one of the best venues. Apart from the income generated from the University and its reserves, the College has no other source of income.

Conferences also provide the resources that enable the College to maintain student accommodation to high standards; the staff who look after you in term time also look after conferences when you are away. They take great pride in maintaining some of the best accommodation in Cambridge and like to be appreciated. Residential conferences and weddings are run only during student vacation periods, but day conferences run all through the year and some of the conferences will be important international research events. Day conferences are mainly centred on the Homerton Conference Centre at the far end of the Cavendish Building, where they have little impact on College life. Occasionally, particularly at the beginning and ends of term, there is an overlap of conference activity when you may become aware of conference guests. We simply ask that you be understanding, courteous and helpful.


Council Tax

All full time students are exempt from paying Council Tax. The Tutorial Office will send the Council a list of any undergraduate’s, graduates and PGCE students who are not living in college.  This list will contain term time addresses so it is important that you update CamSIS with your latest address.  The Council no longer require you to give them a Council Tax Exemption Certificate.   MEd students are not eligible for Council Tax Exemption as they do not meet the minimum requirements for hours of study per week.

Please note: if you are living in a house with non-students, only your portion of the council tax will be deducted from the bill.


College Counsellor

Catherine Snelson is our college counsellor. She will be happy to see you if you are worried about your mental or emotional wellbeing and you can talk to her in confidence.  Even if your worries are work related, you may prefer to talk to someone in college who is not your Tutor or Director of Studies or you may wish to have access to someone who is experienced in mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, issues with eating etc.  You do not need to go through your Tutor or DOS as Catherine can be contacted directly by email: cs780@cam.ac.uk.  During term time Catherine runs regular drop-in sessions – these will be advertised around the college and on the welfare pages of the student intranet.  Her office is on the first floor of Queens Wing, QW 109.


Counselling: University Counselling Service

The University Counselling Service is located at 2-3 Bene’t Place, Lensfield Road, Cambridge, and can be contacted by telephone on 01223 332865. This service is available to all Homerton students. It is free and completely confidential. There is no communication with College or family without the student’s permission. There is therefore no need for students to go through College staff before they approach the University Counselling Service.

The University Counselling Service has a wealth of experience in dealing with all aspects of mental health and is totally confidential in its dealings with students. The Student Health Adviser, the Homerton College counsellor, the Counselling Service and your local GP will be able to provide free leaflets on a wide range of issues that may be a cause of distress such as: insomnia, depression, eating disorders, anxiety, bereavement and conflict with others. These leaflets can be found on the Counselling Service website (http://www.counselling.cam.ac.uk). If you have a friend who needs help these leaflets can be useful for offering practical advice. College Tutors will also have experience of advising students in a wide range of issues, but they may not necessarily be trained counsellors and will always refer students who need help to either the University Counselling Service, a College Counsellor or to local doctors. The HUS Welfare Team also supports and liaises with Tutors and University services - http://www.husjcr.co.uk/support/welfare/


Data Protection

Please visit the Homerton website for the most recent documents: https://www.homerton.cam.ac.uk/PublicDocuments



Trumpington Street Dental practice now has a committed NHS dentist who would welcome college student who need to access a dental service. All students will be treated on the NHS so currently a check-up would cost £20-£60. If any students needs to access urgent care they would be more than happy to accommodate them. The practice is open from 8am every weekday. The phone number is 01223 367870.


Dignity at Work and Study

Please visit the Homerton website for the most recent documents:

Discipline and Disciplinary Procedures

College student discipline is regulated by the College Statutes and Ordinances, available to view online http://www.homerton.cam.ac.uk/PublicDocuments. The relevant sections are:


  • Statute 5: The powers of the Principal
  • Statute 24: The powers of the Dean and the Principal


  • Ordinance 16: The Dean, powers of exclusion etc.
  • Ordinance 25:  Student Appeals


  • Schedule 4.1: Student Disciplinary Appeal Procedure
  • Schedule 5.5: The Advisory Committee to the Dean

Equal Opportunities Policy

Homerton College is committed in its pursuit of academic excellence to equal opportunity and to an inclusive approach to equality, which supports and encourages all under-represented groups, promotes an inclusive culture and values diversity.

Financial Support

Student Loans and Tuition Fees

All new students entering in September/October must apply to one of the following for confirmation of their Home or EU status in order to receive tuition fee and maintenance loans and/or grants;

  • Student Finance England (SFE)
  • Student Finance Wales
  • Student Finance Northern Ireland
  • SAAS (if you are a Scottish student)
  • Student Finance Services (EU Students)

Please ensure that you apply to one of the above (that is applicable to you) to prove that you are a Home/EU student. Failure to obtain this confirmation will result in you being assessed as self-funded and/or an overseas student.

All continuing Undergraduate students who wish to take a tuition fee loan must re-apply to one of the services listed above (as applicable) well in advance of the start of their next academic year in order to secure funding on time.


The following grants are available. Further information can be found on the Finance pages of Nexus.

·         The Cambridge Bursary Scheme (CBS)

  • College Hardship Funds 
  • Vacation Study Grant (VSG) Undergraduate students only
  • Homerton Victoria Brahm Schild Bursaries
  • Research Grants: Graduate students only
  • Small Grants for Undergraduate Academic Projects
  • Language Centre Reimbursement
  • Childcare Bursary and Student Parents
  • University Awards and Charities
  • Choral Scholarships
  • Training Bursary for PGCE Students only
  • Hardship Funding (for Graduate students)
  • Travel Awards (including Pilkington Travel Award)

Freedom of Speech

The College is required [under the Education Act (No. 2) 1986] to ‘take such steps as are reasonably practical to ensure that freedom of speech within the law is secured for its members, students and employers and for visiting speakers’. Anyone organising a meeting should consult the Code of Practice and accompanying Guidelines drawn up by the College. Permission for meetings covered by the code should be obtained from the Dean.


Gardens & Grounds

Please play your part in taking care of the College Gardens and Grounds by keeping to the designated footpaths and avoid cutting corners or damaging plants. Please also avoid any paths that may have been cordoned off. This is for your safety. Please clear away your glasses, plates and any rubbish after you have finished eating in the College grounds. The College has an interesting range of plants, trees and shrubs and if any students would like to know more, then please contact the Head Gardener on extension 47179.


Health Care and Support

Every student resident in Cambridge must register with a medical practice at the start of their course. This can be done online at https://www.woodlandssurgery.co.uk/new-patients-2

Most local doctors are familiar with the problems affecting students at Cambridge. This does not usually prevent students visiting the family doctor at home in the vacations.

Health care is available in Cambridge from the National Health Service (NHS). NHS care is free to students from EEA countries who come to England with an EIHC card from their member state country. When registering with a GP surgery you will not be able to do so without this card.

International students i.e. those from non EEA countries, who have paid the Immigration health surcharge are entitled to NHS care free of charge. Exemptions to the above are people covered by reciprocal healthcare agreements with the UK.

Leaflets explaining your rights to NHS health care are available from Social Security Offices, hospitals, doctors, dentists and opticians and from the Department of Health website: www.dh.gov.uk. Fees for overseas students are also explained on the Department of Health website.

The costs of repatriation after a serious accident are not covered by NHS funding; as such students are advised to take out insurance against unexpected travel and medical expenses.

Students coming to Cambridge from other parts of the United Kingdom should bear in mind that not all Area Health Authorities provide the same range of treatments. Those in need of continuing treatment for a pre-existing condition should ask their home GP to liaise with the Cambridgeshire Health Authority.

Please note that this advice is intended for guidance only. It remains the responsibility of any student who has concerns about health care provision to contact their local health care provider for advice.



In the case of an obvious emergency, dial ‘47111’ on an internal phone and tell the Porter on duty what has happened. The Porters must be informed that the emergency services have been called to the site or they may be turned away.

In the event of illness that may require a Doctor’s visit, please advise the Duty Doctor to report to the Porter’s Lodge before entering student accommodation or any other part of Homerton College. If an emergency requests attendance at hospital or other premises the Duty Porter will authorise the use of a College funded taxi at his/her discretion. The nearest Accident & Emergencies Department is at Addenbrookes Hospital on Hills Road. 

Student Health Adviser

Sandy Chambers is a fully qualified nurse, and is here to provide health and welfare advice and support to students. You can see Sandy if you are feeling unwell or have other health worries. She can give advice and treat minor illnesses and minor injuries and help with psychological issues. You can also discuss contraception, sexual health matters, immunisation and travel vaccination. Her telephone extension number is 47248 and you can email her on sc606@cam.ac.uk.

Local Medical Practices:

  • Woodlands Surgery 48-49 Bateman Street 01223 697600
  • Lensfield Medical Practice 48 Lensfield Rd 01223 651020
  • Queen Edith Medical Practice 59 Queen Edith’s Way 01223 247288
  • Trumpington Street Medical Practice 56 Trumpington Street 01223 361611

NHS Direct

You should call the NHS 111 service if you need medical help and advice fast, but it is not a 999 emergency. You will be assessed, given advice and directed straight away to the local service that can help you best. Calls to NHS 111 are free from landlines and mobile phones. If you are calling 111 with mental health concerns choose option 2 and you will be put through to a specialist service.

Additional Support

It is important to remember that there is a wide range of support and pastoral care available to you, within the College and the University, including through the Tutorial system, the Student Health Adviser and the University Counselling Service, HUS but also in the wider world of the National Health Service and local health care provision. This is particularly important where long-term treatment is needed that may extend beyond the time you are studying at Cambridge. If you become concerned about the mental health and safety of others it is important to share your concern with your Tutor, the Counsellor or the Student Health Adviser.



Your contents is Covered.

By partnering with Endsleigh, the No.1 student insurance provider, we’ve arranged free contents insurance for all our students staying with us.

It is important all students confirm their cover to ensure you understand what is and isn’t covered. Plus you’ll also be entered into a prize draw, courtesy of Endsleigh!

Visit confirm your cover to see:

  • What is and what isn’t covered
  • Key exclusions - where cover isn’t provided
  • Policy excess – the amount you pay when you make a claim
  • How to make a claim
  • Personalise cover

We understand students have a limited budget so Endsleigh have launched brand new, unique student insurance options. They have been designed to cover the risks that you may encounter whilst living in student accommodation and away from home.


International Students

Students needing to apply for a new visa, or an extension to an existing visa, are required to make an application under the UK Border Agency’s Points Based Immigration System Tier 4 Student (General) legislation. The Points Based System applies to all students who are registered at the University of Cambridge (undergraduate and graduate), and who need a visa to come to the UK.


Guidance notes on how to apply for visas and extensions, both from inside and outside the UK, as well as the application forms required, can be found on the University of Cambridge International Student Office website – https://www.iso.admin.cam.ac.uk.

It should be noted that the Home Office policy on dealing with applications for those who have come to the end of their immigration permission to be in the UK is to AUTOMATICALLY REFUSE anyone who overstays for 28 calendar days or more before making their application. It is essential therefore, that students must renew their immigration visa in good time and should not allow their permission to be in the UK to expire.

Requirements Once in the UK

It is a requirement that the University must take a scan of a student’s passport, visa and, where applicable, biometric identity card, within 7 days of their arrival in the UK. To fulfill this requirement, you must either bring your passport to the Tutorial & Admissions Office when you arrive, or hand it in at Registration, whichever is sooner. Your passport/visa/ID card will be scanned, and returned to you.

If any changes are made to your passport and/or visa during your course, you are required to bring these to the Tutorial & Admissions Office as soon as possible for them to be re-scanned. For this reason, students are asked to check their passport carefully to see if any amendments or restrictions have been added.

It is also a requirement of the UK Border Agency that the University confirms if the student continues to be present on the course. To do this, students who have entered the UK on a Tier 4 visa using a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) are required to complete contact points throughout the duration of their course. Students will be issued with details of their sponsorship duties at College Registration, and this will include details on when they are expected to go to the Tutorial & Admissions Office, or their Faculty/Department, to complete these contact points.

Students can contact the International Student Team for advice and/or further information on any of these topics at http://www.admin.cam.ac.uk/offices/internationalstudents/


IT Facilities and Helpdesk

At the beginning of their course, each student is issued with the following:

  • Username or CRSID
  • Raven password to log onto the secure University websites and Hermes Website

These passwords should be changed to become more memorable to individuals. You are advised to change your password on a regular basis.

The Lower Study room (next to the Finance Office) has a laser printer producing hard copies in both mono and colour. Payment for laser printing from the networked PCs - 5p per sheet for mono, 25p per sheet for colour - is via electronically calculated print credits, payable in advance (minimum payment of £5).

The IT department also has further computing equipment such as scanners, digital cameras and concept keyboards. Most PCs have DVD+RW/CD-RW drives, which can read/write both DVDs and CDs.

Equipment in the Lower Study room is protected with anti-theft alarms and video cameras relay pictures to the Porters' Lodge. Security of software is of prime importance. No software may be copied for personal use unless clearly stated on the disc as being free to copy. Software held on Hard Discs is NOT for copying. A catalogue of software installed on the network may be viewed electronically. Our software Licence does not permit taking any software from College into schools (PGCE students), unless it is clearly stated on the disc label.

The Lower Study room can become severely congested if students leave it to the last minute to word process essays for a deadline. Be warned - the excuse of not being able to get onto a computer will not be accepted when pleading for any extension.

Internet Access using the Managed Cluster Service Workstations in College

The Managed Cluster Service Workstations are for the use of all Homerton students. These are University managed PCs, running a wide range of software, together with printers and scanners and a central file store. There is a charge for all printing; students are able to purchase print credit online. All PCs are also able to run under the Linux operating system as an alternative to the standard Windows.

They also allow access to a number of different specialist software packages, licenced by the University. The Computer Room in the IT Department, and the Library, have PCs available 24/7 for student use.

Internet Access in Study Bedrooms - Eduroam

If you live in College and have a PC or laptop, you may benefit from the Internet enabled network that the College offers resident students. The Eduroam Wi-Fi service allows access to email, WWW, and other Internet services from your study bedroom. It is a serviced network that is operated by Homerton College.

Additional information and advice can be obtained from the I.T. Department helpdesk:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1223 747109
Email: it-support@homerton.cam.ac.uk  

Excessive Use

Students are reminded that they are responsible for all network traffic generated by their computers. Students who generate excessive network traffic will be required to demonstrate that they are abiding by the rules, otherwise they may be subject to disciplinary action and any associated charges as deemed appropriate.

Lower Study Room

 The computing facilities can be heavily used by all students at certain times of the year. Anyone wishing to use a Homerton College owned computer for writing essays, compiling assignments etc. has priority over anyone wishing to use the terminal for e-mail or web browsing. Any student must vacate the computer if using e-mail or browsing the internet for recreation, if all other computers are in use and someone wishes to use a computer for academic work.

Audio Visual Equipment

The IT Department has a range of AVA equipment such as Data Projectors, PA Systems, Digital Cameras, OHPs and Screens. Senior HUS Representatives and Staff are the only authorised people able to book this equipment. They usually book equipment on behalf of students who are members of College societies.

Photocopying Facilities

Students have access to a photocopier in the HUS Office. Please read the instructions carefully, particularly in relation to copyright.

The University Computing Service

This is situated in the Rodger Needham Building, West Cambridge. After matriculation, anyone is entitled to use the many facilities and services that the University Computing Service offers. All new students will receive a registration number and e-mail address at the beginning of their course.

Facilities and services include:

  • Being able to use Macs and PCs in the University Open Areas
  • Being able to take IT Courses (run each term)
  • Purchasing software at the University's negotiated price
  • Receiving advice on hardware and software maintenance
  • Contacting the Help desk over problems with University Services.

Problems with any computer personally owned by a student must be taken to the IT Helpdesk at Homerton.



Homerton College Library is available 24 hours, 7 days a week to Homerton students for quiet study, recreational reading, borrowing of resources and using the computers. If you need any help, our friendly Library team is on hand to provide support and guidance in the use of book and electronic resources and answer any queries. Just pop in and speak to us (9.00 am - 5.00pm, Monday-Friday), email library@homerton.cam.ac.uk or call 01223 747260. There are also Student Helpers available between 1pm and 5pm on Saturday and Sunday during Full Term.

Our main aims are to provide material supporting undergraduates taking Part 1 of the Cambridge Tripos and to create a stress free environment for studying, with the perfect desk and plenty of support when you need it.

The Library has a collection of c47, 000 items supporting learning and pleasure. Apart from books, it includes magazines, journals and DVDs. All students can use the self-issue machine to borrow resources with their University card. You can access your Library Account and renew your books online through iDiscover.

Students are very welcome to suggest resources for our collection using our Suggest A Book form. For regular updates about new resources and Library news at Homerton and throughout Cambridge, you can also follow the Library on Twitter or access our Library guides on topics such as plagiarism, referencing and electronic resources on the Library blog.

Students at Homerton also have access to other libraries in Cambridge:

Faculty and Departmental Libraries of the University of Cambridge: ask your Director of Studies or Homerton Library staff about these facilities or contact the relevant Faculty Library directly.

University Library, West Road, Cambridge: This is a legal deposit library so by law, one copy of any book and journal published in the UK must be sent to the Library. All students may work there and borrow books- just remember to take your University card with you to gain access to the Library.

Cambridgeshire County Public Libraries: The nearest branch is at Rock Road, with the Central Library located in Lion Yard in Cambridge. You will need a proof of address and identity to register with the public libraries, and will then be able to borrow from them.

You can find the contact details and opening hours of all libraries in the University on the Libraries Directory or find alternative spaces to work using Spacefinder.



In-coming mail and messages are delivered to individual pigeonholes near the Porters’ Lodge. Students must ensure they use their designated pigeonhole number within their postal address. Notes for members of Homerton can also be left for collection at the Porters’ Lodge. Incoming parcels and recorded delivery items must be signed for and collected at the Porters’ Lodge; students will need to produce their University ID Card to collect the parcel before items are handed over.  Students will be emailed advising them that they have a parcel to collect from Porters’ Lodge.



When you register with the College you will be asked to sign a Matriculation form. This involves signing a declaration in which you promise to be bound by the Disciplinary Regulations and Procedures of both Homerton College and the University of Cambridge for as long as you are a member of these institutions.

The Declaration is:

‘I understand that in becoming a member of the above College I accept the responsibility of membership of the College and University community and agree to abide by the statutes, rules and regulations of these institutions and to do nothing that is harmful to the work and reputation of either of them.

I consent to the processing by the College and the University of Personal Data, including sensitive personal data as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998, about me for the proper purposes of these institutions. A description of the data and its uses is contained in the Student Handbook.

I undertake to observe the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 in relation to any personal data I may myself hold and process as a student of the College and the University, and I agree to indemnify the College and the University from liability for any claims or damages that may arise from the processing of this data.

I promise to observe the Statutes and Ordinances of the University as far as they concern me, and to pay due respect and obedience to the Chancellor and other officers of the University.

By signing in the row below, I confirm that my particulars are correct.’

Mobile phones

Students are encouraged to bring a mobile phone to College. Please keep your Director of Studies and your Tutor informed of any change of mobile phone number, and please update your record on CamSIS if your number changes. Mobile phones must be switched off during lectures and supervisions. It is a serious offence to interrupt a University lecture with a call received on a mobile phone.


Personal Development Planning

During your time in the University you will be given various opportunities both in your academic work and other activities to develop skills that will be transferable to situations outside academic work and study. You are encouraged to use these opportunities to develop skills such as critical reflection; the ability to gather, organise and deploy evidence, data retrieval; the ability to identify and solve problems; the ability to present material orally in a clear and effective way; the ability to present written material clearly and appropriately; self-direction; self-discipline … and so on. Your Tutor will encourage you to keep a ‘Bucket CV’ – a physical or online record of achievements and experience in both academic and non-academic spheres.

The process of identifying skills that you might need for your course, your career or other areas of your life, and then looking for opportunities to develop those skills is called personal development planning.

You will be able to draw on this report when applying for jobs or future courses. These could be very diverse: being a member of a Committee, participating in sport, voluntary work, and University or College societies.

Your Tutor/Director of Studies will be able to give you more information and guidance. One of the points of Personal Development Planning is that you take responsibility for your own development. You can start to tackle this in three ways:

  1. The Careers Service
    Make contact with the University Careers Service early on – don’t wait until exams are upon you! The website is www.careers.cam.ac.uk.  
  2. Your Faculty or Department
    Look on your Faculty/Departmental website or Handbook for its transferable skills policy – this will give you an idea of the opportunities that exist for personal development planning.
  3. The TS website
    Use the University Transferable Skills website for PDP templates, ideas of the kinds of skills you might want to develop, and how to find the opportunities to do it: www.skills.cam.ac.uk/undergrads/subjects/. There is an equivalent site for graduates.


Please refer to the University’s plagiarism pages: http://www.plagiarism.admin.cam.ac.uk/.

The golden rule: the Examiners must be in no doubt as to which parts of your submitted work are your own original work and which parts are the rightful property of someone else.


The Porters’ Lodge

The Porters’ Lodge is based on the ground floor in the Mary Allan Building; it is staffed 24 hours a day, and can be contacted by dialing ‘47111’ from any College phone or 01223 747111 from an external phone. There are ten Porters, Head Porter, and Deputy Head Porter and Receptionists working on a rota basis; all the Porters are trained in first aid. Students should see a member of staff at the Porters’ Lodge, if they wish to:

  •   Collect a parcel or sign for a letter.
  •   Book a taxi for medical reasons when other departments are closed.
  •   A limited supply of HUS merchandise and academic diaries.
  •   Assistance required.

Students can also find other useful information at the Porters’ Reception. The Head Porter is responsible for ensuring resident students comply with fire safety procedures. At the start of the academic year the Head Porter holds training sessions for students resident in Fire Warden Rooms, and also arranges fire drills each term.


Possession and Misuse of Drugs

The Alcohol and drugs policy statement for students is available on Nexus: https://nexus.homerton.cam.ac.uk/welfare/homerton-college-drugs-and-alcohol-policy-for-students


Quiet Period

During the Easter term, when most students will be sitting examinations, the College instigates ‘Quiet Period’ where rules regarding noise after 11pm are strictly enforced, and any student breaking them will be referred to the Dean. Quiet Period tends to be in force for the majority of the Easter term, as some Tripos examinations are held at the start of the term, and some are held on the last day of term. However, the College endeavours to leave one weekend free to allow HUS to organise an event so that students can take a break from revision. Notices regarding the dates and times of Quiet Period will be displayed around College and Nexus.


Religious Observance

Homerton is a non-denominational College and respects and encourages all normal and established religious observance of whatever faith or background. Although it has its origins in the Congregational church and still has constitutional links with the United Reformed Church, Homerton has a Pray room on the first floor of the Cavendish Building (access by Salto).  Traditionally, students who wish to participate in a religious community do so at one of the various centres of worship in the city.

All religious activity is therefore organised on an informal basis, often in association with student groups and societies. Within the University there are flourishing Student Union Societies for almost every World Religion and all of the Christian denominations.

Where religious observance for a holy day in one of the world religious calendars clashes with the University or College timetable, students will be excused attendance at lectures, but must notify their Tutor of their absence in advance. The same applies for days or nights at the beginning or end of term when travel is prohibited on religious grounds. Special tuition will not be provided.


Room Changes

If you wish to move rooms, you must make an application to the Accommodation Officer. Where a room change is possible, there will be an administrative charge of £20, which is payable in the finance office. This may be waived in exceptional circumstances. 


Smoking Policy

 In line with the Government ban, Homerton is a non-smoking/vapour College. It is the policy of Homerton College that all our buildings and communal areas are smoke and vapour-free, including external areas except in the designated smoking areas. Anyone found smoking/vapouring within the College Buildings (including residential rooms), or who tamper with smoke detectors, will be subject to a fine from the Dean. Any repeated offences of smoking in College residences will result in further disciplinary action, including accommodation contracts being terminated.



College societies currently include, but are not limited to, the Jazz Band, College Choir, Environmental Society, Law Society, Music Society, Christian Union, Steel Pans, HATS (Homerton Amateur Theatrical Society), and the Allotment Society. If you would like to start a society, get in touch with the HUS President or drop into the office.

Homerton also has a wide range of sports clubs, including football, rowing, hockey, cricket, netball, rugby, tennis, badminton, squash, ultimate Frisbee and more. The HUS also offers occasional sessions of subsidized Zumba classes and subsidized massages.

All students are also automatically members of the Homerton Union of Students (HUS) and the Cambridge University Students Union (CUSU), which is affiliated to the National Union of Students (NUS).


Sports Facilities

A range of sports surfaces are provided, these include a football pitch, grass tennis courts in summer, croquet pitch and a rugby pitch. Games Club Captains should keep in contact with the Head Gardener so that he can help with their requirements. Excellent indoor tennis court facilities are also available to Homerton students at low cost at the Lawn Tennis Association site in Purbeck Road, adjoining the College; ask HUS for details.

Homerton College has a Gym, inductions and memberships is organised by the HUS office.


Supply of Alcohol in College

A.  Public Areas (Non Residential)

  1.  No supply of alcohol may be made under the premises licence -
       a) at a time when there is no designated Premises Supervisor in respect of premises, or
       b) at a time when the designated Premises Supervisor does not hold a personal licence or his personal licence is suspended.
  2.  Every supply of alcohol under the premises licence must be made or authorised by a person who holds a personal licence.
  3.  The Bursar is the Personal Licence Holder and they are required to ensure that the conditions of the College Licence are being observed. The Bursar exercises this responsibility by having two qualified Bar Managers (ACMs), holding relevant [BIIAB] Certificates who oversee and are accountable for instructing employees and regulating alcohol supply and consumption under the Licence. Normally this takes place in the Catering/Bar Areas (which have the necessary security and accountability arrangements) but the Licence control applies to all public areas of the College.  
  4.  Exceptions to the day-to-day licencing hours are the subject of formal scrutiny and authorisation by the Personal Licence Holder and the Principal.
  5.  Alcohol for consumption in College licenced premises may only be purchased through the Licensee.

B.  Residential Areas of the College

  1. The student residence contract with the College requires the University Regulations and the College Regulations to be observed.
  2. Licensed activity cannot be conducted in the residential areas of the college.
  3. Quantities of alcohol may be purchased by an individual student for personal consumption in their residence. Students should note that:
    a) Their room should not be used or is allowed to be used in any way which may be a nuisance, cause damage or annoyance to the College, or to the other occupiers or neighbours in the vicinity;
    b) Drunken or disorderly behaviour will be subject to disciplinary action.

C.    Conduct within the College

  1. In the event that the Duty Porter encounters a student, or students who are drunk or disorderly:
    a) The Duty Porter shall prepare a report recording the name(s) of the student(s) involved, together with the area of College and the date and time of the incident.
    b) The report shall be submitted to the Dean and the Licensee, copied to the Head Porter, within 24 hours of the incident.
    c) The Dean shall investigate the incident and may impose a fine, plus any additional costs that arise as a consequence of damage or necessary cleaning as a result of alcohol misuse.

TV Licence

If you wish to bring a television for your room (or in private accommodation), you are responsible for obtaining your own licence. Students who do not have a television in their room will not be required to obtain a TV licence.


University Cards

The University card is issued to all students and staff of the University of Cambridge. It incorporates three different types of technology; a printed barcode, a TDSi infrared strip and a smart chip. Also printed on the card are the holder’s name and photograph, card expiry date and a unique identifier. The aim is to have one card with multiple uses – these currently include identification, access control to libraries and buildings, and diverse applications such as catering payment. At Homerton College, the University Card is used for the following:

  • Student identification
  • Library borrowing rights
  • Site access using the Salto security system (all residences, IT department and Library)
  • Purchase of food and drink in the College Buttery/Bar and Dining Hall. (EPOS)

 Further information is available from the University Card website.


Vacation Guidance Notes

Students may request to remain in, or return to, College Residence outside of University Term time. Students may be asked to move rooms to allow for general maintenance, redecoration and conference activity. Students should book a room via the Extra Nights section as instructed and pay in advance online. There will not be any rebate for changes or cancellations.

Please be aware that out of University Term not all normal services are available, particularly cleaning and catering. Students may therefore need to prepare their own meals in the gyp-rooms provided.

Students must be absolutely clear about the start and end dates of when they wish to remain in residence in order to satisfy Fire Regulations and to assist the Accommodation Office with room planning. Normal Fire Regulations and Disciplinary Procedures apply the same as in term time.



All overnight guests are to be signed in at the Lodge fire regulations. The length of stay of occasional guests must not exceed three successive nights. Lengths of stay beyond this time will be considered exceptional, and must be paid for. Students are wholly responsible for the behaviour of their guests at all times.

Under no circumstances should guests be lent or given College keys, University cards or fobs.

Visitors and children should not go into the residential areas of College unless they are accompanied. Visitors should also be accompanied by their host, if they wish to visit the College bar. Visitors should be accompanied throughout their time in College.   Unaccompanied visitors are likely to be escorted from the College grounds, without reference to their host.

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