Past Alumni Events

We hope that our alumni will remain connected with Homerton all their lives, and always feel comfortable returning. We host regular events both in College and elsewhere, to provide opportunities for you to catch up with friends and contemporaries, visit familiar spaces, and let us know what you're up to. Here is a record of some our past events.


Alumni Reunion Weekend

Our biggest annual event is Alumni Reunion Weekend at the end of September each year. With two dinners, a lunch and our famous afternoon tea, as well as concerts, lectures and tours of the grounds, the event enables you to either dip in or to sign up for a full weekend of celebration.

We are delighted that the Alumni Reunion Weekend will take place in person this year for the first time since 2019, on Friday 23 to Sunday 25 September. 

The weekend is open to all alumni, but we would be particularly pleased to see strong representation from those year groups marking an anniversary year in 2022, or who missed out on celebrations over the past two years.

Full booking details are available here


Afternoon tea in the Homerton dining hall


Recent webinars

How did the evolution of animals change how the oceans work?

Dr Stephen Pates - a Herchel Smith Postdoctoral Fellow in the Zoology Department and Research Associate at Homerton College outlined the early evolution of arthropods, and discuss how different lines of evidence help pinpoint when this group evolved and how they lived, and thus show how these early animals and their behaviours changed how the ocean worked.

Dr Stephen Pates


Televising the Future: 1984 and the Imagination of Nigel Kneale

Produced by Rudolph Cartier and adapted as a television play by Nigel Kneale, the BBC’s Nineteen Eighty-Four (1954) quickly became a political story in its own right. Fellow in History and Politics Dr Robin Bunce explored how Kneale’s teleplay draws on HG Wells’ terrifying depictions of future war.  

Dr Robin Bunce

Homerton's Architectural Heritage
Dr Timothy Brittain-Catlin's exploration of Homerton's existing buildings and its architectural plans for the future took place on Thursday 10 March 2022, and can be viewed here

Dr Timothy Brittain-Catlin


Soothing escapism or a thundering good time? Books for children 1919-1945 
Thursday 28 April, 7pm

Drawing from the collections of Homerton College Library, Fellow and College Librarian Liz Osman looked at books for children produced in the interwar period through to the end of World War II. 

View here.

Liz Osman

Linguistics is all around us: Facts, Evidence and Misconceptions
Thursday 19 May 2022, 7pm

In this informal session, Dr Roberto B. Sileo, Fellow and Director of Studies in Linguistics, explored how several aspects of life, if not all, relate to one or more branches of Linguistics. 

Dr Roberto B Sileo




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